Happy Diwali! Today we celebrate victory of virtue over vice, and embrace a new beginning! A quick introduction as I begin this blog — these are my opinions as an ordinary citizen with no particular authority, like Sanjaya, who narrated the Bhagvad Gita and spoke thus in the concluding verse:

yatra yogEshvaraḥ kṛisḥnO yatra pArtO danur-daraḥ

tatra shrI vijayo bhUtir dhruvA nItir matirmama

Where the best controlled minds (yogEshwara) that demonstrate the highest values provide governance (symbolized by Krishna), Where dutiful citizens are vigilant (symbolized by the bow wielding Arjuna)…

…There thrives prosperity, victory, stability and justice, in my opinion.

matirmama, or my opinion, with due respects to Guruji’s opinion (video).



matirmama means ‘my opinion’ in Sanskrit. My opinions to influence open minds — together we drive the highest values.